The Cooperteam support team provides technical support for the following software solutions :
Our support team is available from Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm CET.

    Support is generally offered regarding the following situations :
  • Installation and configuration of new software, new versions or a correction.
  • Malfunction of a software after the installation.
  • Microsoft and IBM supported operating systems and software solutions.
  • Error messages received while using one of our software solutions.
  • For all other questions, please contact our sales department to discuss your needs and arrange a training session or special technical assistance.

Contacting Technical Support

  Cooperteam's Web Support Portal

  By Phone

If your need is urgent :
English, French and Italian speaking
Phone +33 (0) 492 906 480
German speaking
Phone +49 731 141166-0

  Information for new customers

Once you become a Cooperteam customer, we will create an account together in order for you to be able to access our support services. Your account will allow you to access our support services as a technical reference for your company, covering one or several of our products. There can be a number of technical references at the same company.
To create and activate your account, we will need a telephone number and an email address that corresponds to the same domain that you gave as your technical reference (for example
Once your account is created, a Cooperteam support team member will contact you by phone to let you know that your account was activated successfully and to verify that your technical reference information is correct.

  Remote Support

In certain cases, and to resolve an incident more efficiently, the Support team might propose to take control of your environment from a distance. In order to do this, you will need to install the TeamViewer software. To download TeamViewer now, click the link below.

TeamViewer Download

For all comments about support or to update your file, contact us here :

  Would you like to suggest an improvement or evolution of one of our products?

Would you like to inquire about developing a product together?
Have you developed a product and you would like Cooperteam to commercialize and support it for you?

Submit your ideas and requests to the following address:

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