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SharePoint Provisioner is complementary to Notes Extractor in your SharePoint migration project

SharePoint Provisioner is a complementary tool to Notes Extractor. In a application data migration project from Notes to SharePoint, Notes Extractor is used in a first phase to extract the data from the Notes databases and convert it in HTML files. SharePoint Provisioner is used in a second phase to automate the integration of the exported data in the new SharePoint platform.
During the import process SharePoint Provisioner converts the content pages into SharePoint Pages (Custom List Form), maintaining pictures, specific CSS and other page references. A homepage with a hierarchical view of the resulting pages is generated and the metadata is converted and stored as properties of your new pages.
SharePoint Provisioner is a highly optimized process resulting in a high performance import and is available for SharePoint 2013, 2016 & 2019. The tool is also available for importing data into SharePoint Online using the ShareGate Desktop partner product.

Migrate all your Lotus Notes applications, QuickR, Team Room, Forum, Mail, Document Library...

  • Ability to migrate the design of your Notes applications.
  • All OLE attachments and objects are integrated into SharePoint libraries.
  • The documents in Rich Text Format migrate to a standard SharePoint lists.
  • The meta data in Notes documents are also migrated.
  • Document security and information about the user's identity is preserved.
  • Integration can be made towards a custom list of your choice (existing or not).
  • Mapping possibility of data types (fields between Notes and SharePoint).
  • Compatible with SharePoint Foundation (2013) or Server (2013, 2016 & 2019) and SharePoint Online.

The benefits of using SharePoint Provisioner

  • Fast SharePoint Provisioner is optimized for fast and efficient import of XML files into the SharePoint platform.
  • Automated SharePoint Provisioner automates the content conversion process of XML files into SharePoint pages, by processing images, CSS and links between pages. The tool automatically converts metadata and updates the target SharePoint library.
  • Flexible easy to configure, SharePoint Provisioner helps initially to select the destination in the environment SharePoint target, then in a second step, to select the source files, and in a third step to configure the options of import and finally to run the import.
  • Reliable SharePoint Provisioner guarantees the integrity of the imported data.

The benefits of SharePoint pages

  • Document libraries are available for free and natively in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.
  • The pages allow you to automatically apply your corporate theme to your content using the master pages.
  • Users accustomed to working with the Notes Rich Text editor will adapt intuitively to the SharePoint page editor.
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Technical Information

    Technical Overview
  • SharePoint Provisioner is used in conjunction with Notes Extractor, which allows initially to extract the data and models of your IBM Lotus Notes databases, converted to HTML, XML and XSL.
  • Secondly, SharePoint Provisioner integrates all content and forms, views, and navigation menus needed to ensure an excellent visual rendering.
Compatible SharePoint versions
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, 2016 & 2019
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online
Solution configuration
  • Running the installer to deploy the solution on a SharePoint site, or a subsite.
    New in latest version 17
  • New activation key management.
  • Fixed a bug related to the 'New Import' button to reload the source folder correctly when parsing the data during the validation of the Import Settings wizard.
  • Displays in the 'Lists and fields mapping' wizard from the 'more' link additional information on the fields to be imported.
  • Fixed a problem when trying to create a field with the internal name of the display name of an existing field.
  • Ability to take into account 2 LIST files in the SHAREPOINT subfolder of the extraction.

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Notes Extractor is a software solution allowing to export any NOTES application (.nsf) to standard formats like XML/HTML/XSL/EML for archiving or platform migration purposes.
The conversion result may be used on a local desktop with a Web browser or on a Web server. It can also be an intermediate transformation step to be injected into a platform like SharePoint with the COOPERTEAM's SharePoint Provisioner companion product.

More about Notes Extractor
The APPLICATION MIGRATION FACTORY processes Notes applications and their data according to the 3 strategies: Archiving, Migration & Conversion, Transformation.
The same HCL Notes application can be Archived, Migrated and Transformed: the non-active data is extracted from the application to be archived while the active data is imported into the new application.

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SharePoint Provisioner sales model

The SharePoint Provisioner license is granted in subscription mode on a yearly basis. You pay a fee for the first year and then a renewal fee every year. The fee payment may cease at the end of the period if you wish.
The licence price for SharePoint Provisioner is calculated per user machine (individual licence).
The price is degressive according to the volume.
A subscription during the course of the year is calculated from the 1st day of the month following the month of acquisition (purchase on March 15th, anniversary date on April 1st) and until December 31st of the current year or of year N+1.
Upon each renewal, the fee is reassessed on a contractual basis according to a fixed index (2.5%) or a variable index (Syntec index).
Your COOPERTEAM license agreement enables you to get free access to:
  • Software Updates.
  • Technical Support.
  • Online Documentation and Support.
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