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Stop Office 365 sprawl in its tracks

Deploy and govern Office 365 Groups and Teams with confidence. ShareGate Apricot helps you collaborate with trusted users to keep your self-service Office 365 environment clutter-free.
Gouvernance collaborative pour les groupes Office 365

Collaborative governance for Office 365 Groups

ShareGate Apricot bridges the gap between admins and end users to ensure everyone's accountable for the things they create. The secret to self-service that scales? We call it collaborative governance.


    See the status of all your Office 365 Groups and Teams at a glance
  • ShareGate Apricot's algorithm monitors Office 365 Groups across multiple workloads and flags potentially obsolete content based on activity—not age. Stay on top of what's new and what's no longer relevant, and take action in a few clicks.
  • Detect inactive Office 365 Groups across multiple workloads, including private Teams



    Delegate the decision of archiving stale groups to users you trust
  • Entrust select group owners with the responsibility of managing the resources they create. When an owner-entrusted group becomes inactive, ShareGate Apricot notifies the right user with a prompt: keep the group if it's still needed; archive it if it's not.
  • Take group end-of-lifecycle management off your to-do list


    Keep data sprawl under control, collaboratively
  • Each time a user decides to archive an obsolete group, your tenant gets healthier and adoption increases. Even better: saying goodbye to what's no longer needed doesn't have to be a tough call. We hold on to archived groups' full contents indefinitely, so even if you accidentally get rid of something important, it can always be retrieved in a few clicks.
  • You can finally stop clinging to content clutter "just in case"




What Office 365 workloads does ShareGate Apricot monitor for group activity?

ShareGate Apricot crawls Office 365 Groups in Microsoft Teams (including private Teams), SharePoint Online, and Exchange Online (Outlook shared inboxes and shared calendars).


What makes you consider a group 'inactive'?

It's up to you! By default, ShareGate Apricot will flag a group as inactive if no activity has been detected on it in the last 90 days. You can change this at any time from the Settings menu.


How are group owners notified about their inactive groups?

Users you've entrusted with group management capabilities will get an email whenever a group they own is flagged as inactive by the app. The decision to either keep or archive the group can be made directly from the email.


Can I customize the email sender and body?

Yes. You can specify a sender your users will recognize as well as modify the email's boilerplate text.


What happens to archived groups?

Groups that get sent to the archive are encrypted and stored on ShareGate's secure servers. Archived content is kept indefinitely and can be restored at any time.



    Download Sharegate Desktop technical datasheet in PDF format: (933kb) :

Governing Groups and Teams just got a lot easier.

Try ShareGate Apricot: Free 30-day trial, no credit card required.


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