Crossware Mail Signature


Over 650,000 people around the world use our email signature software to extend their Microsoft Exchange or IBM Domino email platform to automatically include professional looking email signatures and disclaimers on every email leaving their company.

The strengths of Crossware Mail Signature

  • Implement professional and consistent emails.
  • Append correct disclaimers to all emails.
  • Broadcast, group, or personally target adverts.
  • Add email signatures at the server level.
  • For IBM Notes Domino and Microsoft Exchange.
  • Supports IBM and Exchange compatible devices.

The challenge

Your organisation has worked hard to develop its brand. Every logo, banner and business card says who you are and what you stand for, yet you have little control over what employees do with their own email signature – leading to inconsistent branding, unprofessional emails and forgotten disclaimers.

The solution

CMS is a server-based email signature software application that automatically adds compliant, personalised and attractive email signatures to all emails. These signatures may include disclaimers, logos, graphics and advertising banners that can be randomised or targeted to specific recipients.
CMS removes the need to configure signatures on individual workstations, and requires no design changes to your directory or mail template. You can centrally manage the design of your signature block, including logos, fonts and also include personalised information from your Corporate Directory.
Crossware Mail Signature allows you to create professional and consistent email signatures that include your company's branding and correct personal details to be appended to all emails leaving your organisation.

Multiple designs

Configure multiple email signature designs and apply them to suit specific company divisions and departments – or even individuals.


Give specific individuals editing rights for signature designs and make them tamper-proof for everybody else.

All devices

Keep your email branding consistent across all devices from the desktop to the iPhone and beyond.

Why implement email branding?

Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on designing and maintaining their brand image, using logos, signage, business cards and even elevator music to draw attention to their brand. Yet when it comes to the everyday email, the most common touch point with customers and prospects, the all-important brand is so often left to the whims of the email sender.
Just like your business cards, every email should feature correct logos and contact details for specific departments and individuals. Consistency is an integral part of branding, so rather than putting all that money to waste, let Crossware Mail Signature ensure that your company has professional email branding – with consistent fonts, graphics and disclaimers!
Crossware Mail Signature allows you to specify an email disclaimer to be appended to all emails leaving your company. You can choose whether these disclaimers are added to internal or external emails – or both – and configure several different disclaimers to be automatically applied to emails from different departments.

Correct placement

Insert disclaimers below the most recently typed text rather than at the bottom of the thread to ensure relevancy.


Give specific individuals editing rights for your disclaimer and make them tamper-proof for everybody else.

All devices

Keep your email disclaimer compliant and consistent across all devices from the desktop to the iPhone and beyond.

Why have an email disclaimer?

These days it's vital to be 100% confident that every email being sent from your organisation is compliant with the laws and regulations of the recipient's country, or else be prepared to receive a hefty penalty! Different countries maintain different policies regarding email disclaimers. As a guideline, the European Union states that every email must include the company's name, its registration number, its place of registration and its registered office address.
Policies are becoming more common as Internet security tightens. Unfortunately, it takes just one stray email to render a company susceptible to being fined. Therefore it is of utmost importance that every single email leaving your company is compliant.
Let Crossware Mail Signature take care of your concerns by managing your email disclaimers company-wide.
Email is the most widely used communication method in businesses today. Turn the everyday email into a highly effective email advertising opportunity by sending targeted promotions to recipients, based on your customer data.

Choose your adverts

Configure multiple adverts to be appended to signatures based on sender and/or recipient details.

Give editor rights

Give certain individuals editing rights for signature adverts and make them tamper-proof for everybody else.

All devices

Keep your branded email signature consistent across all devices from the desktop to the mobile and beyond.

Why use email advertising?

With email being the most common form of business communication in the world, why limit your advertising to specific email campaigns? Your website offers graphics and banners to promote your latest sales and offerings, yet gains less visits per day than the number of emails your company sends. Every single email you send could promote your latest product or company news… but your marketing department currently doesn't have the ability to easily add promotions or banners to company emails.
Crossware Mail Signature appends signatures as emails are sent, so that any graphics or banners are not stored in your local mail files. You are able to target your email advertising based on the email domain of the recipient, the month of the year, or even based on a list of target products for that customer. Furthermore, you can choose to append advertising on new emails only so that any future replies in the conversion do not get cluttered with promotions.
Crossware Mail Signature appends your professional email signature on all emails sent from any device, supporting all Domino, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange clients including iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

Allow "BYOD"

Let employees bring their own device to the office and set up their work mail with no branding issues to worry about.

Maintain consistency

Ensure that no emails from mobiles devices end with the unprofessional "sent from my iPhone/Android".

No end-user effort

Mobile email signatures are managed centrally and therefore require no individual device setting up.

Why have a mobile email signature?

Technology over the past decade has been all about "going mobile". 50% of all mobile phones in the US are smartphones, with business users leading the statistics. Employees of prominent companies have started sending emails ending with "sent from my iPhone" or "sent from my Android"… their emails lack any branding and, even worse, they lack any professional contact details.
As Crossware Mail Signature is installed at the server-level, your professional email signature gets appended on all emails sent from any device – maintaining consistency across the entire company. You can be sure that all emails leaving your company are branded correctly and display the correct personal contact details.
No longer do you have to worry about the lack of control that mobile devices provide, you can now feel free to give employees permission to use their own mobile device for work emailing and be confident that their communications are as professional as always.
Control all email signatures from one configuration database. Crossware Mail Signature may just sit on your workspace, yet it has power over every single device in your organisation.


With email signatures being added at the server, end-users don't get a chance to modify their individual signatures.

Easy rich text editor

Design your company's email signature using a simple rich text field. Have control over fonts, tables and images.

All devices

Centrally configured email signatures will be applied to all mobile devices with no further setup necessary.

Why is this of concern?

Companies often implement email signatures in one of three ways: They don't enforce one, anybody can sign-off however they want; They provide guidelines for a desired email signature and leave it up to the employee to follow them (or not); They tell IT Support to set up an email signature on every single workstation, only to have it tampered with afterwards by the user.
Each of these methods results in your company losing control of its email signature block, which often leads to the CEO's disapproval.
Crossware Mail Signature provides centralised control of your email signatures. Your signatures are configured using a simple yet powerful configuration database. You don't need to use complicated HTML code. No setting changes are needed on your desktops. Best of all, if you update a user's contact information or job title in the address book, that change will be automatically updated in their email signature as soon as the change is made.
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Technical Information

Architecture Diagram for the Office 365 Cloud solution
The Crossware treatment is applied directly into Office 365, in the Microsoft Datacenter.
Architecture diagram for On-Premise versions
Microsoft Exchange Systems and IBM Notes Domino
Note : For IBM Notes Domino platforms, it is possible to update the signature directly in the document 'Profile' from the user mail database. The local mode can be also mixed with a server mode (either add the signature on the fly when sent) to dress the message of a banner, a header, or a notice of non-responsibility.
CMS is available for the following systems: Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and IBM Notes Domino.

Required information for Microsoft Office 365

To enable the Crossware Azure service, you will need to provide your Tenant ID (your initial domain name
Crossware will contact Microsoft who will activate the service within hours. To be accessed at using your Office 365 ID.

Required configuration for Microsoft Exchange

Server side :
  • The platforms supported for Microsoft SQL Express 2008 R2 are at least Windows Server 2008 and higher
  • Configuring the IIS website requires a server running at least the IIS7 version (with ASP.NET 2.0) or greater
  • The transport agent is supported for Exchange 2016, Exchange 2013 and 2010
The various email clients supported are:
  • Outlook 2016
  • Outlook 2013
  • Outlook 2010
  • OWA 2013
  • OWA 2010
  • iPhone (iOS 6)
  • Androïd Native email client (4.0)

Systèm configuration required for IBM Notes Domino

Server side:
  • Windows Server 32/64 bits
  • AIX 32/64 bits
  • Linux 32/64 bits
  • Sun Solaris
  • IBM i
The various email clients supported are:
  • IBM Notes Client (all versions)
  • IBM Domino Web Access
  • IBM Lotus iNotes
  • Apple iPhone running iNotes
  • Apple iPhone using Lotus Traveler
  • Windows Mobile / Common Time
  • Microsoft Outlook (via SMTP)
  • Microsoft Entourage (via SMTP)
  • Other Lotus Traveler Clients
The examples below will show you the various design options, not to mention that it is possible to build a custom signautre via an HTML editor.

    Example signature made with CMS


    Example signature made with CMS


    Example signature made with CMS


    Layout example in the CMS configuration space


    Layout example in the CMS configuration space


    Layout example in the CMS configuration space


    Layout example in the CMS configuration space

Product overview:

Product installation:

CMS General Overview
CMS Overview for Office 365
CMS for IBM Notes Domino Installation
CMS for Microsoft Exchange Installation

Related resources

Some of CMS references around the world.

Customer registration

CMS sales model

CMS is available for MS Office 365, Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes.
CMS license is granted by subscription or perpetual mode (except for the Office 365 version) and on an annual basis. You pay a fee the first year and a renewal fee every year. The fee may be terminated if you want at the end of the period.
The price of the CMS license is calculated on the number of user with a mailbox. A functional mailbox (email-in) is considered a "user" and therefore requires a license.
An in-year subscription is calculated as of 1 day of the month following the month of acquisition (purchase March 15, the anniversary on 1 April) for 12 months.
The price is decreasing according to the volume.
At each renewal the fee is assessed on a contractual basis, according to a fixed rate (4%).
Your COOPERTEAM license agreement enables you to get free access to:
  • Software updates.
  • Technical Support.
  • Online Documentation and Support.
Contact us by email at, by phone at +33 (0) 492 906 480 or using the online form.

Find out about the power of CMS with a remote demo or a webinar

A COOPERTEAM consultant is available to show you the power and rich features of CMS.
You can contact us by email at by phone at +33 (0) 492 906 480 or using the online form.

Test the product for free now

We provide you with a trial version of CMS after we have defined your needs together.
In order to save time during installation, initial setup and configuration of some features, we recommend you to get help from our technical support team so that we can best meet your expectations and guide you through your trial process. You will then benefit from a tailored start-up with a quick training session in order to get your first results.
Please feel free to contact us in order to schedule your trial at, at +33 (0) 492 906 480 or using the online form.

To get a quote, you may proceed as follows

  • Complete the online form with the requested information for this product.
  • Send an e-mail to
  • Call your sales representative or ask for the sales team at +33 (0) 492 906 480.
  • A COOPERTEAM pre-sales consultant will quickly review your request and may contact you to better meet your specific needs or to get missing information.
  • You will then receive a proposal adapted to your project and your organization.
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