A Unique Solution Providing Global Analysis and Reporting of Lotus Notes Messaging

Effective and reliable corporate messaging infrastructure is paramount to business success. A complete understanding of your company’s messaging system is imperative. Security, reporting, SLA’s, billing, capacity planning and email user behavior are just some of the elements Cooperteam’s MailFlow Analyzer positively affects.

Utilizing MailFlow Analyzer, administrators can make informed decisions on infrastructure changes and report and act on key indicators that are not available in Lotus Notes. Helpdesk agents are now able to respond faster to user email requests and deliver solutions.

Managing your messaging infrastructure requires a complete understanding of its use.

MailFlow Analyzer allows you to see patterns and problems that are otherwise virtually undetectable such as:  persons abusing your mail system; persons using the most bandwidth; mail origin and destination; servers routing the most messages.

MailFlow Analyzer Covers All Your Messaging Analysis & Reporting Needs:

Architecture which does not rely on logfiles
Complete file attachment analysis
Complete Internet mail analysis (origin and destination)
Capacity to apply SLA's, Billing and Reporting
Targeting of servers for consolidation
Identification of high volume mail and MB users
Tracking of delivery times, average message size, and other metrics
No need for complex SQL sessions to produce reports
Pro-active alerts

Benefits for IT Managers:

Delivers daily, weekly, monthly reports
Provides proof of SLA compliance
Justification for redistributing costs (Billing)
Assists with SOX compliance
Enables capacity planning

Benefits for Notes Administrators:

Monitor Email traffic
Powerful & scalable event tracking
Detect bottlenecks and improve email flow structure
Respond to operational issues
Prepare for consolidation & migration projects

Benefits for Helpdesk Managers:

Respond faster to user requests
Instantly find email issues
Powerful & scalable event tracking
Reduce the volume of support calls

Benefits for E-mails Users:

Better service levels
Improved availability of corporate messaging system

MailFlow Analyzer identifies and analyzes more than 100 parameters per user!

MailFlow Analyzer identifies and analyzes more than 100 parameters per user.

All of these can be accessed and used as needed by administrators. They are included in the standard reports or you can customize your own reports.

Statistical Categories:
User Statistics: Enables accuracy in identifying the usage of the messaging infrastructure at the user level
Group of Users Statistics: Gather the same statistical data for users and apply it to a specific user group or population; Groups can be based per organization unit or certification used within your enterprise
User Utilization Reports: Identify the high volume senders by department or attachment type
Server Statistics: Detailed information is collected from each individual server and monitors key areas such as workload, performance, traffic and load balancing
Cross Server Statistics: Email flow analysis between servers provides vital data on network usage and efficiency
Infrastructure Statistics: Email flow analysis in your global infrastructure
Inter-Domain reports: Analyze mail traces between groups of servers and/or domains
Pro-Active alerts: Monitor your messaging environment and be alerted


The Unique Architecture Behind MailFlow Analyzer

MailFlow Analyzer has been designed to collect and store detailed email traffic statistics with minimum impact on servers. The high quality data comes from the heart of Domino itself and not from domino logfiles. The main component, “MailFlow Engine”, which analyzes all of the data is installed on a dedicated workstation. It will receive data directly from the servers thanks to a small component installed on each Domino mail server.

(1) Collect data (Mail Data) on all messages throughout your domino Infrastructure
(2) The MailFlow Engine continuously processes the Mail Data
(3) Data are stored locally on the dedicated workstation (Mail Data Storage)
(4) These data are the raw material for the displayed statistics available within the Notes DB (Statistics Database) or can also be accessed in one of the available or customized profiles in the ready-to-print reports format (Reports)
(5) The data saved on the workstation are accessible at any time by MailFlow Analyzer search engine (Search Engine) to respond to any adhoc query for example on Mail Tracking or any specific search for anomalies
(6) MailFlow Analyzer provides Real Time Alerts
(7) MailFlow Analyzer provides an additional export feature enabling you to send your selected fields to XML format (for example to Crystal Reports)
(8) Management reports are provided daily, weekly, monthly. You can now visualize company current performance and prove SLA


Supported Notes versions
Domino server : All versions 4.6.x - 9.x

Operating Systems
Windows, Unix, Linux, Z-Linux, Solaris, i-Series, Mac and Citrix Environments


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What's New in Release 1.8 ?
New User interface
More Statistics
New Report Templates for Population, Cross Population and Alerts
New Population and CrossPopulation features
New Dashboard Interface
New Alert features for mail contents and statistics contents
64 bits OS support (AIX and Windows)


A few screenshots of the interface



Trend Analysis


Detailed Search Facility