Desktop ManagerTM provides comprehensive audit, enforcement of corporate standards, and automatic recovery of Notes Clients through a central platform for both Notes Administrators and Helpdesk, with full support of Notes 9.x Clients and Sametime Preferences.


Enables comprehensive remote administration of your companywide Notes Clients › all aspects of Client administration and maintenance are centrally defined and managed by Notes Administrators.
Network independent operation › locally replicated Desktop ManagerTM databases  enable the continuous audit and enforcement without needing a network connection.
Network impact management › through analysis of database replication impact on the network and “Hooks” to prevent certain administrator-defined actions by End-Users.
Increased End-User productivity › Desktop ManagerTM silently audits and implements fixes and changes in the background, never inconveniencing End-Users with administrative activities.
Increased effectiveness of Administration › the straightforward user interface provides access to powerful features assuring comprehensive remote administration, control and enforcement of settings and configurations of Notes Clients.

Thanks to its architecture and extensive auditing functionalities, Desktop ManagerTM makes it possible to analyze and modify a single workstation, a group of workstations, or all workstations, as needed, or on a scheduled basis.

Data regarding memory, disc space, operating system, local settings as well as Notes configuration data such as version, databases installed, user preferences, ID File, etc. are all provided conveniently for administrators and support staff.

Key features:

Powerful reporting engine
Smart Notes users segmentation
Network independence
Full support of Notes 9.x Clients
Support for Sametime Preferences
Network impact management
Remote Audit of hardware and Notes set up
Elimination of repetitive administrative tasks for local databases
Automatic configuration enforcement
Comprehensive range of remote administrative actions such as implementation of new databases, changing Notes parameters, changing Users’ preferences, etc.

The ROI on Desktop ManagerTM ROI is less than 6 months!

Desktop ManagerTM provides Notes Administrators complete control over the Notes Clients they manage, without inconvenience to End-Users.

Desktop Manager helps save significant time and money by providing:


Diagnostic and repair without involving the End-User
Reduced volume of Helpdesk calls
Lower duration of Helpdesk calls

IT Management:

Complete audit of IBM Notes Client Installations and configurations
A central platform to remotely control, modify or configure Notes Clients
Remote execution of configuration changes
Easy remote IBM Notes application deployment


Guaranteed compliance of IBM Notes Client with administrator-defined configuration standards
Better and faster service provided by Helpdesks
IBM Notes Clients retain their optimal configuration

Administrative activity is completely transparent for Lotus Notes users with Desktop ManagerTM installed.

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Desktop Manager provides the following key features:

Workstation audits (CPU, Memory, DiskSpace, OS, Local Settings, etc)
Support for roaming users
Local maintenance launch (Fix up, compact, updatall, refresh design, etc)
Add database icons on the workspace
Change the icon database name / path
Define Workspace as startup Page for the Notes client
Modify Location Connection and Account document values
Modify the options of Replicator page entries (Replication direction, Server definition, Active/not-active)
Modify Archive Profile document values
Compact databases
Modify database ACL
Update desktop ECL from NAB administration ECL
Add / delete / modify Notes.ini file variable values
Define a Notes database as the default startup Page for the Notes client
Sample Agents that shows you how to build a dynamic Mail Signature containing user's personal information (phone number, location ...) and If some of the information is changed in the NAB, the Signature is updated automatically! 

To find out more on Desktop Manager Features and the typical issues Lotus Notes Administrators and Helpdesk staff can resolve with Desktop Manager download the documentation and white papers!




Supported versions:
Domino server: All versions 4.6.x - 9.x
Operating System:
All Windows 32 bit versions (95, 98, Me, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7 & 8)
Windows 64 bit (Vista, 7 & 8)
Citrix Environments

New in R.2.8 :

Re-designed Administration Interface : the Desktop Manager default user interface has been re-designed with reorganized views.
[NEW] Powerful reporting engine : ability to create Excel & Word reports easily, based on your Notes Infrastructure data
[NEW] Smart Notes users segmentation : enables you to segment Notes Users by custom criteria and to apply mass processing on categories of user
Extended audit capabilities : Notes database access, group members, user dictionary, calendar profile and delegation, Windows registry keys, etc.
Easier deployment : new Desktop Manager settings file - DskMgrParam.ini
Enhanced user experience : ability to launch background agents
New Notes parameters support
Extended Script Language : new FTP, HTTP, LDAP and XML API functions
Windows 8 and IBM Notes 9 Social Edition Compatibility


With Desktop Manager, reduce Lotus Notes client TCO and achieve a ROI in less than six months! 

Reduce Helpdesk call volume and duration by at least 20% 
Improve Lotus Notes administration team productivity by at least 20% 
Reduce Administration and Helpdesk travel time and costs 
Reduce time spent on Lotus Notes account creations and restores by at least 80% 
Improve company productivity by eliminating administrative and IT-related management tasks by end users 

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