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Sharegate Makes It Work

Migrate or Upgrade Directly to Any Version of SharePoint

Sharegate supports:
  • SharePoint 2003
  • SharePoint 2016
  • File Shares
  • SharePoint 2007
  • SharePoint Online
  • Google Drive
  • SharePoint 2010
  • Office 365
  • Nintex
  • SharePoint 2013
  • OneDrive 4 Business
  • Box

Ensure Your SharePoint Migration Is Successful

SharePoint migrations are complex enough as it is. The lack of time, resources and out-of-the-box options can make it even worse. Think of Sharegate as an ally that accompanies you before, during and after your migration, whether to SharePoint On Premises or to SharePoint Online in Microsoft Office 365.


      1    Plan Your Migration

    Planning is a critical step in every migration project. Building an inventory of the content, structure, users and permissions of your current environment is the first step. This allows you to be more efficient, because you know what needs to be migrated, archived or left behind.

    Use Sharegate to build a solid migration gameplan and estimate the effort required for a successful move, by listing everything contained in your environment.

Sharegate lets you:
List all of the content, files and data in your environments and view potential migration errors with the Inventory feature.
Have a clear view of all permissions in your current sites using the Permissions Matrix Report.



      2    Migrate to SharePoint

    No two migrations are the same: every business has unique structure, permissions, workflows, configurations, and metadata. Whether you're moving to Microsoft SharePoint On-Premises or SharePoint Online in Office 365, there are complexities that most out of the box tools won't cover.

    Sharegate helps you migrate your entire enterprise environment, or granularly move files, lists, libraries, sites, site collections, workflows and more. This way, you can personalize your migration experience according to your specific business needs, no matter the complexity, and without impacting your users.

Sharegate lets you:
Migrate to SharePoint at insane speeds with no server installation required
Automate and schedule migrations to run them whenever you need to
Get your migration done with zero business downtime
Report on your migration to know every successful move, warning, or error that occurred



      3    Manage After Migration

    Once you've successfully migrated your content, you'll need to keep your new SharePoint environment healthy and secure by monitoring and managing it on a daily basis.

    Use the Sharegate software for document management, to reorganize content and structure, to manage user permissions and to keep track of user activity. Whether you're moving to the latest version of SharePoint or to Office 365, management is a crucial part of your migration's success.

Sharegate lets you:
Gain visibility on user activity with built-in and custom reports
Secure your enterprise content
Ensure users comply with governance policies

Benefits at a Glance

  • Unlimited Data Migration
  • With Sharegate, there's no limit to the amount of data and files you can migrate, making it the go-to tool both for high volume migrations and day-to-day content management.
  • No Server Installation Required
  • Sharegate is a desktop tool that requires no installation on your server to perform a migration. You'll be ready to go in less than two minutes.
  • Nintex Workflow Migration Tool
  • Sharegate is the only recommended Nintex migration partner for migrating Nintex Workflows and forms.


  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Our award-winning support team helps you overcome any obstacle you could encounter before, during and after your migration. They're here to help, and they do it right.
  • Migrate Anything
  • From files and documents to entire sites and site collections, Sharegate lets you migrate anything from within your SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Office 365, Box and Google Drive environments.
  • Migrate at Insane Speeds
  • Reach maximum migration speeds using Sharegate's Insane mode. It's the fastest way to migrate to SharePoint.

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