Archive Mail changes to version 3.1

This minor release brings a greatly improved iNotes search experience. It is also an opportunity to provide a fix on all the bugs that have appeared in the last 6 months.

The iNotes search module evolves

The multi-database search interface has been reviewed in its iNotes (web) version to provide the same functionalities as the search interface available from the Notes client.
The first tab allows you to select the list of Mail or Archives databases in which the search will take place:

The second tab groups the search options, including the list of folders in the Mail and Archives databases of the user:

The last tab provides a memory aid for the allowed search syntaxes:

Using Dojo 1.9.7 (provided in the Archive Mail 3.1 package) allows the integration of new widgets , especially for selecting dates:

Reworked Archive Databases Views

The views presenting a user’s archive databases have been revised to provide a clearer display of information, with 1 line per archive base (Archive database path, number of documents, size):

New Archiving Option for Calendar Entries

A new archiving option for calendar entries completes the archiving based on the quota overflow of the Mail database. Indeed, it is possible to define a maximum size of Mail allowed, and the archiving is triggered if this threshold is exceeded. The oldest mail documents in the Mail database are then archived in order to make the size of the Mail base fall below the defined quota.

This new option is intended to exclude calendar entries from this load shedding archive. Thus, only the Mails are taken into account and archived. Calendar entries continue to be archived by the traditional process of document age.