Many new features to discover in this version 1.9

MailFlow Analyzer 1.9 for IBM Domino receives a major update in April 2017 and changes to version 1.9! We invite you to discover here the most significant new features of this new version.

A Unified Interface

The 10 Notes databases that make up the Mail Flow Analyzer product (Configuration, Collect, Stat, Log, Search, Report, Server, User, Dashboard and Quarantine) are now directly accessible from the Configuration database through a unified interface (shown on image beside):

Just like what we had set up in our Desktop Manager tool (with the unified Desktop Manager database and Desktop Manager User) we integrated a navigation system in the configuration interface of MailFlow Analyzer Multi-bases via the left-hand browser for the choice of themes (Configuration, Statistics, Alerts, Searches, Reports …) and the contextualized views in the top browser.

Message Flow Control

This is the great novelty of this version. It is now possible to regulate the flow of messages by blocking for example certain undesirable messages during their routing. A notification message is then sent to the sender of the blocked message for the reason. Changing message routing is set up via Mail Rules, directly from the Mail Flow Collect databases installed on the mail servers (shown on image beside).

Changing message routing is set up via Mail Rules, directly from the Mail Flow Collect databases installed on the mail servers:

It is possible to permanently block messages (BLOCK_MESSAGE), hold them for a few hours on the server before releasing them (DELAY_MESSAGE), change the names of the recipients of the message (CHANGE_RECIPIENT) or the name of the sender (CHANGE_SENDER).

The right to disconnect

With Mail Flow Analyzer 1.9 you can now practice the new regulations regarding the right to disconnect users, especially those equipped with SmartPhone. The notion of Business Hours appears in the product at the level of the Setup document:

This functionality is then reflected in statistics, alerts, the search module, reports and messaging rules. It is thus possible to monitor and control messages sent outside working hours, which are of a nature To prejudice the right to disconnection of the employees of the company.

New statistics

We have added a statistic for messages to which the user is a primary recipient:

and statistics on sending messages from some known external SMTP servers:

Search Features

The search criteria have been refined, in particular in the search for the name of the sender or recipients by allowing a more precise selection of their use (main recipient, copy or hidden copy):


Report templates have been updated for a more enjoyable visual rendering:

And new report templates are emerging:


The configuration of the Dashboard database has been redesigned:

to simplify, among other things, the link between the setup documents and the Widgets displayed in the web page:


Finally, documentation has been largely rewritten to include in particular detailed explanations on all the statistics produced by the tool:


And much more…